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Go With the Flow

Bloodlines. Opening Friday and running through March 24 at the Center Stage Theater, the show combines sensual dance and Vagina Monologues-style sketches for a mŽlange of menstrual musings as bold and unapologetic as a crimson stain on a once-pristine pair of white panties. Citore, a cervical cancer survivor and sacred sexuality expert (whose invented surname spells “erotic” backwards), was inspired to write the play when her own daughter came of age recently. The play goes a bit “woo woo” at times, insisting our genitals are a “holy portal,” likening our sexuality to pomegranates and generally frightening those of us priggish pragmatists who have yet to be formally introduced to our wild inner goddesses. But it’s also compelling, intriguing, strangely satisfying and uproariously funny in spots. I’m taking some girlfriends to the show because my 248th moon is fast approaching. And if I’ve learned anything from two dozen years of sacred-if-vexing blood cycles, it’s that laughter — the kind that gives your uterus a good jostling — is a fabulous cure for cramps.]]>

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