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Aura You Single?

What do you wear to a meeting with a psychic? This is the mystic puzzle that plagued my soul the morning I met Pamala Oslie, a Mission Canyon resident who reads people’s auras the way fortune-tellers read palms. Auras are said to be halo-like energy fields that surround us, revealing our personalities through their various colors. Most people can’t see them; Oslie can.

“I do psychic work, clairvoyant work, mediumship,” she said. “Auras are my tool.”

She recently teamed with Santa Barbara artist and social activist Rod Lathim to create an Internet dating site that matches people based on the colors of their aura. launched in September and already has thousands of members hailing from San Francisco to Sioux City to Washington, D.C., and from Ireland to Australia. A hefty chunk of the sign-ups are from Southern California.

The concept: Our aura colors correspond to personality traits. Reds are physical and sexual; Blues are loving and nurturing; Yellows are fun-loving and childlike; etc. And by whittling down the dating pool based on compatible colors/personalities, we’re more likely to find suitable companions.

I wore solid gray to meet with Oslie so as not to pollute any vivid vibes radiating from my pasty-hued winter flesh — but then, what do I know? Despite the cosmic sensibility that my name implies, I’m skeptical of woo-woo: tarot, astrology, voodoo (is voodoo woo-woo?).

A Westmont graduate, Oslie said my aura was “tricky” to read but ultimately labeled me a Yellow-Blue-Violet (free-spirited, emotional, and visionary) who’s adopted Green (strong-willed) as a coping strategy. She described my husband’s and kids’ auras in absentia; when I asked her how, she snickered.

“Such a Green question,” she said.

Her approach may be supernatural, but the personality assessments are sensible — and fascinating. “It’s like a Myers-Briggs personality test,” Oslie said, “only easier, sexier, and more fun.”

LoveColors members sign up for free and take an online personality test to determine their colors. Then, using Oslie’s methodology, they’re matched with other members who meet their own preferences (Slender or voluptuous? Taoist or Mormon? Pilates or racquet sports?) and whose colors jibe with theirs.

“Wouldn’t it be great to meet people and know their life purpose, energy and priorities?” said Oslie, whose single clients have been asking her to help them find dates for years. “If they’re compatible with you, that’s going to make your relationship a lot easier.”

For example, a thrill-seeking Orange might not mesh with a sensitive Tan or imaginative Lavender. But an intuitive Indigo could fall hard for an adaptable Crystal.

Lathim, a single Violet, can’t think of a better way to seek a soul mate. “People say to me, ‘What in the world is Rod Lathim doing working on a dating site about aura colors?'” Lathim said. “‘Are you crazy?'”

Yeah, it’s kind of what I was thinking.

But although Lathim said he saw auras as a kid, his interest in the personality-color system is more practical than mystical. He met Oslie 25 years ago and has been using her color methodology ever since to better understand friends and family members.

“It saves you a lot of time and gives you such a step up,” he said. “It’s kind of like walking around with a handbook on how to deal with people. You learn about who you’re compatible with and why.”

Eventually, Oslie wants to expand their Web site to inform all kinds of relationships. The system will do wonders, she said, for parents and kids, teachers and students, employers and employees …

How does she know that?

Oslie smiled and replied, “I’m psychic.”


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