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Can Transgender Folks Futz with Pronouns?

shoes!” Sheepishly, my son asked me why I referred to her as “her” when her biceps, Adam’s apple, and baritone growl indicated that she was a he. It was a fair question, but before I could craft a careful response, this tumbled out of my mouth: “Well … I guess because she’s gone to a whole lot of trouble to be perceived as a she … and frankly, what do I care?” Thus was my position on LGBT pronoun-ing established. Because I truly didn’t care. Why on earth shouldn’t people be called what they want to be called? I’m no us-versus-them gal. I’m a fiendishly tolerant liberal; I don’t give a flying flush who’s allowed into the ladies’ room — and you can’t make me squirm. … Except that I’ve recently changed my mind. And I’m squirming.

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